Technology Microsoft publishes data protection obligation for teams

Microsoft publishes data protection obligation for teams

Microsoft has published a new data protection obligation specifically for its collaboration platform Teams. The group recognizes that companies would give their most valuable data to them. Accordingly, protecting the privacy of users is deeply rooted in the basic values ​​and design of Microsoft’s products.

Specifically, Microsoft is committed to never using team data for advertising. Nor would the software monitor users’ attention while working. The provider hereby also refers to the fact that he does not keep track of whether employees are engaged in other activities during a conference.

Microsoft also wants to delete all of its customers’ data after a team subscription ends. At the same time, every user can query his data at any time and without giving a reason. In addition, the group plans to publish a transparency report on a regular basis, which should also cover how it responds to requests from third parties for user data.

The latter point also includes obligations in the area of ​​data security: Microsoft states that such inquiries – for example through law enforcement – are only met according to strictly defined requirements. The company would also ensure that access to teams is only ever granted after strict security measures such as an MFA.

Microsoft presents itself as a leading security provider in the concept of data protection, which would process eight trillion security signals per day for the proactive protection of its customers. The company does not disclose what these signals are – the related page with more details cannot be found on

Microsoft also points to over 90 government and industry standards that teams would meet. In addition to many US standards, this also includes the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. The cloud service has seen a significant increase in user numbers as part of the Covid 19 pandemic. The same applies to the competitor Zoom, which is criticized for security and data protection.




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