Microsoft shows how cloud save for backward compatible games works in Xbox Series X. A couple of days ago, Digital Foundry did a in-depth analysis of Xbox Series X backward compatibility performance, and today we had more news about this.

In a new video shared by Larry Hryb AKA majornelson on social networks, he has shared a video showing the cloud save functionality for backward compatible games on Xbox Series X, loading a Fallout 4 save game.

Microsoft has long communicated that the Xbox Series X / S is designed with fast load times in mind. Many may think of loading times first within a game itself, such as a multiplayer map that loads faster or being able to travel quickly. But the video posted by Hryb is an example of how quickly a game can be started, placing the player exactly where he left off before ending a session.

Microsoft explains external game storage on Xbox Series X

As shown in the video, Xbox Series S / X allows a quick resume function which allows games to pick up exactly where they left off. This not only works with Xbox Series X / S titles, but it also works with backward compatible games (like Fallout 4 in the case of the Major Nelson video). Also, cloud savings means that any progress the player has on the Xbox One game can be saved and thus can be used on Xbox Series X / S.

Throughout the generations, there is no doubt that the most important leaps have come from the graphical improvements that have accompanied each of the new consoles. However, despite the graphic leap that is expected thanks to the use of Ray Tracing and greater raw power, it seems that one of the aspects that will mark this new generation will be these aspects that we have as instantaneous loads.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will hit the market on November 10.

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