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The colors are essential to see at a glance which program you are in. And no more ribbon bar, but everything contextual? That will be a success ….
And that has been in the Office suite for many years, right? Now when I select text, I also get a window with font, size, color etc.

The video was made nice, but mainly highlights functions that have been around for a long time. This is not new, is it?

Besides, is that Jon Friedman on drugs?

Our values and beliefs, the needs of our families, our personalities and preferences, how energized or deflated we feel when seeing our Calendars or To Dos — these are key facets of productivity.

As the world wakes up to racial injustice, the economic gap between “essential” and “non-essential” workers, and the long-term cost of a digital learning divide, we’re intentionally and ethically designing digital spaces to support a diversity of lived experiences.

By designing for multiple cognitive states, focused experiences throughout the Microsoft 365 ecosystem minimize external distractions, lessen self-interruptions, and jumpstart flow.

Solutions like Project Cortex will evolve to alleviate cognitive fatigue and energize projects by helping you learn, upskill, and innovate more effectively.

From more artful themes and backgrounds to exploratory UX around how someone might express their gender, culture, or hobbies, we’re designing for more authentic and inclusive connections between people.

Did he have a “how to marketing dredging writing” course during the corona crisis?

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