Microsoft starts testing Xbox Game Pass family subscription plan in Colombia, Ireland – mashdigi

In the first half of this year, it is reported that the planned launchXbox Game Pass Family Subscription Planearlier by MicrosoftAnnounceTested in Colombia and Ireland through the Xbox Insiders preview program.


In the current beta version, the Xbox Game Pass family subscription plan tested in Ireland will be billed at 21.99 euros per month, and existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription plans are allowed to be converted, but the available hours will be converted to 18 per month day ratio calculation.

In the subscription plan, the Xbox Game Pass family subscription plan allows up to 5 family members in the same country to use together, and each user can have independent use rights, such as using their own game database, play history with friends list, etc.


At present, the Xbox Game Pass launched by Microsoft does not include a family subscription plan. It only allows users who have two Xbox game consoles at the same time. They can set one of them as the home console through the setting method, so that the other game console can also be used as a home console. Can use the Xbox Game Pass service with a personal subscription.

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