Microsoft: Surface Duo gets Android 11

Microsoft announced the new Surface Duo 2 earlier this month, which comes with the Android 11 operating system, and the company is now committed to releasing the operating system update to the original devices this year.

A company spokesperson said: “We remain committed to providing updates to the Surface Duo, and are working to bring Android 11 to existing customers before the end of this year.”

و .شارت Reports Previous that the update may arrive in the summer. But as we head into fall and there’s no mention of the company’s Surface event, it’s clear that it’s taking longer than anticipated.

The Surface Duo shipped in September 2020 with Android 10, which was a full year old at the time, and Android 11 had been released.

It was hoped that the company would quickly update the device to the latest version of Android. But this did not happen. The two-year-old is still running Android 10.

And Android 11 has native support for dual-screen devices such as Duo. So it should improve some software experiences on the device.

While reviewing the Surface Duo 2, Android 11 appeared to bring minor tweaks to Microsoft’s multitasking system, rather than an overhaul.

Surface Duo 2 now defaults to the assumption that the right screen is the primary screen. But it’s not clear if this same change occurs in the original Surface Duo.

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Microsoft plans to update the device before the end of this year

While the company has shipped a number of updates to the Surface Duo. But it is still a somewhat problematic device.

Surface Duo users have regularly complained of issues with multitasking, gestures, screen turning off while in book mode, and locking with the fingerprint reader.

And Android 11 now arrives with Google moving to Android 12. Android 12 is expected to debut on Pixel devices soon, and it’s not clear when the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 will be updated. Microsoft previously committed three years of operating system and security updates to the Surface Duo.

And in case the software giant wants to be taken seriously as an Android manufacturer. One of the things you need to establish is an outstanding record of timely and reliable software updates.

But with the company launching the second-generation Surface Duo and the company’s first Android phone reaching a year old. The company has so far failed to impress.

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