Microsoft Teams – The competitor Slack has new features


New features for Microsoft Teams. (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft's Slack competitor is used by over 500,000 companies worldwide two years after launch. Now the software giant has announced new features for Microsoft teams.

Microsoft has grown rapidly in recent months, in terms of the number of users. Currently, Microsoft teams are already used by over 500,000 companies. In September there were about 330,000. The new functions for meetings and telephone calls introduced in the summer certainly contributed to this: Microsoft was able to raise the teams to a level of Skype for Business.

Microsoft Teams: 500,000 companies use Slack competitors

The release of a free variant for small and medium enterprises has certainly had a positive effect on team development. By December, Team Slack had already come out in terms of market share. By 2020, Microsoft's corporate chat app is expected to have a market share of 41%. The game should therefore reach 18%. Now, the new features of Microsoft teams should help stabilize the upward trend.

At the Enterprise Connect show in Orlando, Microsoft announced individual meeting backgrounds. During videoconferences, the users of the team should insert an individual background as a company logo during the year, for example for the employees of the domestic office. Furthermore, in 2019, an additional camera will be supported, which acquires the content through the so-called Intelligent Capture technology, for example, on analogue whiteboards, as reported by ZD-Net. For this, according to Microsoft, it is possible to use any USB video camera.

Microsoft Team Whiteboard
Microsoft teams get the digital whiteboard. (Image: Microsoft)

Moreover, the excitement for team video meetings is the ability to work directly in the application via a digital whiteboard. To facilitate discussions with staff in different countries or with people with hearing problems, teams will have a real-time subtitle function. This function should initially be in English, more languages ​​should follow. Other planned features include the creation of secure private channels, the protection of sensitive information in chats and the ability to create live events.

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