Microsoft To-Do Brings Task Suggestions to the Web

Another one of the apps that does not stop improving is Microsoft To-Do. In this case it is a feature that reaches the web but, as you know, the Redmond giant is enhancing its web applications.

Microsoft To-Do will offer us suggestions based on AI

The main novelty of this update is incorporating AI-based task suggestions into My Day. that allow users to quickly access important tasks on their lists, separating them from others and making prioritization easier. These To-Do tips essentially include to-dos that have deadlines and are marked as important by the user himself.

“We will display up to seven tasks in To-Do that we identify as most relevant to you in this section. It will be updated as you add new tasks or edit existing ones. Your urgent tasks, such as those due today or tomorrow or those that are overdue, will appear here. All other tasks with due dates will continue to appear in the Later and Earlier sections of the suggestion panel. “ explained the Microsoft To Do team.

To start with smart suggestions, we must go to the Microsoft To Do web application and click on the list My day. In the suggestion panel, users see a new section called Tasks that seem important. This should make it easier to identify important tasks and add them to our list. My day. There is also the possibility to mark specific entries as irrelevant by selecting select select more options> This is not relevant to me.

We must bear in mind that the To-Do function is available to English speaking users for now. Also, the section Tasks that still seem important does not include Planner tasksAlthough taking this information directly to the suggestion panel could have its advantages. A great job that we hope will be in Spanish very soon.

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