Microsoft will not stop you .. Details here!!

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer prevent people from installing Windows 11 on most older PCs

While the software giant recommended hardware requirements for the upcoming operating system.

It will not impose restrictions on installing the operating system except when trying to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 through Windows Update

This means that anyone with a computer with an old processor that doesn’t officially pass the upgrade test can download the Windows 11 ISO file and install the operating system manually

In June, the company announced the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11.

She explained that Intel processors from the eighth generation and later are the official processors

The company has now clarified that this installation solution is primarily designed for companies to evaluate Windows 11.

And that people can upgrade at their own risk because the company cannot guarantee driver compatibility and overall system reliability.

The software giant will not recommend or advertise this method of installing Windows 11 to consumers.

Systems upgraded in this way may not be eligible for Windows updates, even those related to security.

This is a major change that means that millions of PCs may not be left technically behind.

Consumers still need to download the ISO file and install the system manually, which the vast majority may not do.


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