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Not quite, the series S sometimes really struggles to keep up with the xbox one x. For example, look at horizon 5. It runs on the one x dynamic 4k with drops to 1600P. But series S has a lower
resolution and the textures are also of lower quality. See also digital foundry:

Xbox One X? I think players will be quite happy with this version. Similar to prior Forza Horizon titles, it’s a 4K experience, again with 4x MSAA
Elsewhere, Series S’s textures didn’t look as detailed as Xbox One X’s (and resolution is lower at a dynamic 810p-1080p)

The series S even drops to 810P. So I don’t think you can say that the 4tflops of the series S is as powerful as the 6tflops of the xbox one x. That’s a bit too short sighted.

Tflops can only be measured within the same generation, in addition, it says something very specifically about 1 part in the machine. While it weighs so much to see if a console is equally powerful. That’s just really hard to explain in terms like tflops. You can see this much better in benchmarks, but there you see that the one x does indeed give much better performance than the series s. In addition, what you already said they can’t run the one x games on the series s either.

Edit: If you are talking about the ps4 pro vs the series S. The series S runs on BC the xbox one versions. If you compare a previous generation game, the ps4 pro will run the games better:

If you then compare a new generation game, for example vanguard. Then the ps4 pro runs it in a minimum resolution of 1365 x 1536 and the series s runs at 1080P. Both run at 60fps:…rd_targets_1080p_on_xbox/

So to say directly that the ps4 pro performs less than the series s at the moment is not entirely correct. The only thing is that the series s has a 120fps mode that the ps4 pro does not have.

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