Microsoft’s AI acts as doctors’ secretaries

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Microsoft’s AI acts as doctors’ secretaries

A subsidiary of the American giant generates an automated summary after a patient’s visit thanks to the integration of the GPT-4 language model.

Published21 mars 2023, 22:04

A user of a Nuance Communications solution, a firm acquired in 2021 by Microsoft.


Microsoft pursues all-out integration of the language model GPT-4 from OpenAI. After his Bing engine or even his suite Windows 365 (ex-Office), it is the turn of its subsidiary Nuance Communications to benefit from it in a product intended for doctors. The Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Express app uses this to automatically generate draft clinical notes after a patient visit. and that in seconds. “Our ultimate goal is to reduce the time that physicians actually have to spend on these administrative tasks,” highlighted on CNBC Diana Nole, vice president of care and health at Nuance.

DAX Express complements the original speech recognition service launched in 2020 that converts verbal exchanges between patient and physician into clinical notes before validation through a human-supervised review process.

Nuance wouldn’t provide CNBC with details on the cost of these apps, which unsurprisingly vary in price depending on the number of users and the size of the partner healthcare system.

The firm was acquired in 2021 by Microsoft for $16 billion. It derives its revenue mainly from the sale of speech recognition and transcription tools during doctor visits, including Dragon Medical, which claims to have 550,000 doctors as customers.

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