Microsoft’s game big move: Significantly reduce commissions, reduce dimensionality and attack Steam, the first party independently developed “The Mandalorian”-Microsoft XBOX

Recently, Microsoft officially announced that its application store, the commission rate charged to game developers from 30% to 12%. As soon as the news came out, people in the industry commented that this move is directed at the industry leader Steam, to attract game developers to bring their products to the Microsoft platform, and indirectly benefit players by reducing developer costs, thereby attracting more players. user.


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For example, Taobao exempted merchants from platform fees during the eBay benchmarking period, attracting a large number of small and medium-sized stores and price-sensitive consumers.

MicrosoftXboxMatt Butty, the head of the game studio, said: “The core role played by game developers is to bring exciting games to players. We hope that developers can succeed on the Microsoft platform. There is no additional conditional revenue sharing. , It can allow developers to bring more games to more players and achieve greater commercial success in the process.”

The Steam store under Valve, the leading platform in this industry, still charges a commission rate of 30%. Only when sales reach US$10 million will the rate be reduced to 25%; after more than US$50 million, the commission rate will be reduced to 25%. 20%.

Most game developers are quite dissatisfied with Steam’s commission rate and “monopoly”. Under this circumstance, Microsoft’s move will put a lot of pressure on Steam, whether in actual business or public opinion.

Just two days after Microsoft announced the reduction of the percentage of game stores, Valve and its Steam platform faced anti-competitive lawsuits.

Independent game developer Wolfire Games stated in the lawsuit: “Valve abused its market control, leaving game publishers with no choice but to sell most of their games through the Steam store, and Valve charged a 30% commission.” .

Wolfire claims that Valve now controls 70% of the PC gaming market, and from this 30% rake alone, it can earn more than $6 billion in annual revenue. According to the company’s latest official website statistics, there are only 360 employees.

The new lawsuit believes that Steam uses effective monopoly to control and collect service fees for the entire independent industry. If it were not for their existence as a monopolist, the industry could theoretically flourish and create lower prices for consumers.

In this lawsuit, many people in the industry also expressed that it will directly benefit Microsoft to win people’s hearts in the industry.

While benchmarking against Steam, another big rumor of Microsoft games has surfaced. According to a well-known foreign source, a video game adapted from the “Star Wars” series derivative drama “The Mandalorian” is under development. The developer It may be Microsoft’s first-party studio.


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