Microsoft’s latest mouse symbolizes the eternal cycle of things

From water to the table: we think the rodent born from the rubbish of the oceans looks pretty cheeky, but we won’t be at the top of the online tables with it.


Microsoft has introduced a new mouse, which is noted in their own book as a small step forward in the bumpy road to the fight for sustainability. The Ocean Plastic Mouse The wireless novelty cover, called 20%, is made from plastic balls resulting from the recycling of plastic waste fished from the oceans, and its packaging is 100 percent recyclable because the small box is made of wood and sugar cane fibers.


The peripheral uses a 10-meter, 5.0-inch Bluetooth LE connection to communicate with the computer, and together with the included alkaline AA pencil battery, which provides cocoa for about 1 year, weighs 84 grams on the scales – although the issue of environmental friendliness is vehemently raised ( mainly as opposed to the cable design), but we should not get lost in the details.


In the chest of the three-button trifle, 100.4 mm long, 58.2 mm wide and 38.3 mm high, there is a 1000 cpi, unspecified type of 4,000 fps heart hammer, which is approximately 0.7 m / s. it is capable of perfect control (30 ips), and looking at the entries in the specification list, we conclude that it illuminates the gliding surface below with a red light.


Seeing the capabilities of the sensor (and the way it is cable-free), it’s not hard to guess that this time it’s not the FPS hussars in the crosshairs, but the procurement departments of modern, “environmentally conscious” offices. Supporting the Swift Pair function, For $ 25 Delivery of the priced – and already pre-orderable – cursor choke is expected to begin on October 5, and the warranty will be for 1 year.

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Part of the news is that the corporate giant is one free product return program launched, under which we can mail our unused Microsoft gadgets (and / or their packaging) to them for free for recycling.


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