Microsoft’s Panos Panay now advises CEO Satya Nadella

Only last February was the head of Microsoft Surface Panos Panay Promoted to lead all of the company’s Windows hardware and software teams., and now he is returning to the world, becoming an executive vice president who will be part of the senior leadership team advising Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella himself, Reports Bloomberg.

We met him so far a Little times Over the years, and not just because he is one of the faces of the company, as a Microsoft Product Manager, he has had a direct role in the creation and delivery of various Microsoft Surface devices, including the latest Surface Duo. also if, He’s the one constantly getting pumped.

From the company’s perspective, that means Windows will have a seat at the top command table for the first time since. Terry Myerson, former head of Windows, left in 2018, which makes sense: so Nadella believed in moving from Windows to the cloud, but You recently changed your mind.

It’s unclear what the move means to Rajesh Jha, who served as Microsoft’s executive vice president of experiences and devices the last time we checked, or others on Microsoft’s leadership page, for that matter. This page appears to have recently been superseded by Smaller list of “executives” instead of Previous list “Senior leadersBut several other Microsoft executive vice presidents, such as Xbox president Phil Spencer and Cloud + AI president Scott Guthrie, have yet to return to the list and there is no evidence that their roles have changed at all.

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently got stronger than ever: in June, he was He was unanimously elected Chairman of the Board of Directors. Besides the CEO, he is the first person to hold both positions at Microsoft since Bill Gates himself.

Panay too Join the Sonos Board of Directors late last year.

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