Microsoft’s “Your Phone” Enters the Chinese Market, Honoring Magic V for the First Time – Windows 11

Recently, Honor released its first folding screen flagship phone, the Honor Magic V, which is also the world’s first folding screen flagship equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. In addition to the strongest performance, Honor has also continued to make efforts in the software system, not only bringing the new Magic UI 6.0,It has also become a strategic partner of Microsoft China, supports Microsoft’s “Your Phone” application, and can use Honor Magic V with Windows PC devices to achieve collaborative office.


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glorymobile phoneThe official Weibo post said: The new HONOR Connect interconnection protocol has the advantages of low latency, high throughput, and high reliability.Windows High-speed mutual transfer between PCs; cross-device collaboration supports keyboard and mouse sharing and screen expansion, allowing efficient office work to break “screen barriers”; protocols are open to shelves, deeply involved in standard customization, and support more ecological devices. Honor is alsoMicrosoftThe strategic partner of Your Phone function in China, free synchronization, enjoy the interconnection, office convenience is more powerful.

It is reported that Microsoft’s “Your Phone” application can be connected to an Android phone through a Windows PC device to view and reply text messages, make and receive calls, notifications, and access photos and applications.

Before the Honor Magic V, Microsoft’s strategic partner in China, “your mobile phone” does not support use in the domestic environment, which is the first time.


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