Migrant in Poland: Belarusian soldiers torture me and other people – Abroad – News

On November 24, more than 200 migrants broke up in Poland. Belarusian authorities used stroboscopes and lasers so that Polish border guards could not see the offenders in the dazzling rays.

This is one of the ways in which Belarusian forces are helping to cross the European Union’s border. It will be easy to get over – Belarusians have told migrants. This is what the Polish border guards later told about the experience.

“They said they had been deceived that the Belarusian soldiers had promised that if they crossed the border, they would end up in Germany.

Of course, we understand their situation. But it is the Belarusian side that is responsible for this crisis. They are not Polish border guards, “said Kristina Jakinika-Jarosha, a spokeswoman for the Polish Border Guard.

Together with Polish journalists, the LTV News Service was looking for an Iraqi who was hiding. He managed to meet the Iraqi Kurds several kilometers away. He spent two nights in the forest. He does not speak English, but was translated by someone who helps him. He told how the Belarusians forced to cross the border.

“Belarusian soldiers tortured me, tortured other people, they didn’t give us food, they were just planning to get us away, to push migrants to the Polish border,” says migrant Omed Ahmed Kheder from Iraq.

Belarusians have collected groups of migrants from the common hangar where they are housed and taken them to the border.

“We were in five cars, and each car was full of migrants. There were many people, there seemed to be several hundred migrants. We were thrown out at the Polish border. They helped us cut the fence and put the trees over the fence. But only five migrants including me, managed to escape.

Because at that time Polish soldiers arrived, blocked the fence and pushed everyone back to Belarus. I am sure that the Belarusians will not allow them to sit alone. They will push them again and push them to the Polish border from elsewhere, “continues Omed Ahmed Kheder.

He spent 4.5 thousand on the trip, which was helped by friends.

He says he has decided to surrender to the Polish authorities.


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