Migrants: Donald Trump wants to prevent illegal immigrants from submitting asylum applications


With the new rule dictated by Donald Trump, migrants who did not arrive in the United States through an official entry point to the Mexican border will not be able to apply for asylum.

Donald Trump's government announced that it will ban migrants who have not entered the US legally from the asylum application, the latest decision by the president on immigration, which has made of his walking horse.

"Our asylum system is crumbling under too many unjustified requests for asylum, which weighs on our resources, preventing us from rapidly granting asylum to those who really deserve," the US Department of Homeland Security said on Thursday, November 8th.

This provision, published by the ministry, should be signed quickly by the president of the United States, while the "caravans" of migrants are currently directed in the United States. It is supposed to alleviate an already overloaded system, with about 700,000 cases currently waiting in the courts.

Donald Trump intends to use the same executive powers as his decree on migration

Over the past five years, the number of people applying for asylum has increased by 2000 percent, according to the Department of Homeland Security, stating that less than 10 percent of them are finally accepted.

"In accordance with our immigration laws, the president has full authority to suspend or limit the entry of foreigners into the United States, if he believes it is in the national interest," reads the statement.

Donald Trump intends to use the same executive powers that he had discussed when he adopted a very disputed migration decree at the beginning of his mandate in January 2017, which banned the entry of several countries with a Muslim majority.

In its latest version, validated on June 26 by the Supreme Court after many judicial vicissitudes, this decree closes the US borders to the citizens of Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iran, Somalia, but also North Korea and in some cases in Venezuela.

Donald Trump's decree on migration confuses

"It is illegal to evade this principle"

As in the case of the migration decree, Thursday's decision could trigger a legal battle.

The powerful civil liberties organization ACLU reacted immediately to the announcement of the executive. "US law specifically allows people to seek asylum, regardless of whether they came from an entry point," said Omar Jadwat, head of the ACLU, in a statement. "It is illegal to circumvent this principle," he said.

The immigration group of the New York immigration coalition has already expressed its willingness to "fight" the new rule, saying that "the government can not abandon its responsibility to migrants fleeing from danger".

Last week, in a statement on immigration, President Trump announced that his government was about to complete a plan to end the "endemic abuse" of the "asylum system".

"According to this plan, illegal aliens will no longer have a pass in our country by filing for asylum applications without justification." Instead, migrants seeking asylum will have to legally report to an entry point, "he said.

United States: Trump raises the issue of migration threat

The president of the United States wants to send 15,000 soldiers to the southern border of the country

Donald Trump had made immigration his main campaign theme before the mid-term elections, regularly denouncing an "invasion". In his speeches and on the social network Twitter, he had multiplied the alarmist statements on the progress of thousands of Central American migrants, fleeing violence and misery, and walking in groups in the hope of filing for asylum in the United States.

Between Sunday and Wednesday, 5,500 of them arrived in the Mexican capital, with the intention of continuing their journey to the north. About 200 of these Central American migrants went to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office in Mexico City on Thursday to ask in vain that buses – at least 150 – are used for transport until United States border. .

Finally, the migrants announced that the caravan would leave Mexico on Friday 9 November in Queretaro, about 200 km north-west of the capital. The president of the United States has announced the intention to send up to 15,000 soldiers to the southern border of the country.

According to official data, over 400,000 people illegally cross the border between the United States and Mexico each year.



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