Migros opens its first mini shop – 20 minutes


Migros subsidiary Migrolino launches a new store concept under the million brand. The shops are to be located on less than 80 square meters and sell sandwiches and snacks.

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“Mio” shops should find space in the smallest of spaces.


They are a mixture of convenience shops and kiosks.

They are a mixture of convenience shops and kiosks.


The Mini-Shops are launched by Migrolino AG.

The Mini-Shops are launched by Migrolino AG.


  • Migrolino opens the first “Mio” shop in Dietikon.
  • The new brand is a kind of mini-shop.
  • These are intended to sell convenience products such as sandwiches and snacks.

Migros subsidiary Migolino launches a new shop concept: the first mini shop opened in Dietikon on Thursday 30 July under the Mio brand. At the Shell petrol station Limmatbrücke on the overland road in Fahrweid there is the first «Mio».

With the new brand, Migrolino wants to fill the gap between convenience shops and kiosk formats with an attractive offer, as it says in a media release. The mini shops are supposed to find space on less than 80 square meters.

Mio is geared to the needs of on-the-go customers. The focus is on immediate consumption items such as sandwiches, drinks, snacks, coffee and fresh bread. Migros and Migrolino own brands are also offered.

Shell Select become «Mio»

In the next step, Migrolino will roll out the concept in collaboration with Shell at all Shell Select locations, it is said. Individual Migrolino locations with a small area are also being converted to the Mio concept.

The next million locations will be implemented at Shell petrol stations in Staad on Lake Constance and in Bern at the Wankdorf stadium. From the beginning of next year to the end of 2022, all Shell Select locations will be converted to the Mio concept.

Migrolino AG

Migrolino AG is a subsidiary of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives. It operates shops at over 320 locations in Switzerland. Migrolino AG operates its shops either as franchise partners as stand-alone or at petrol stations together with its partners such as Shell, Socar or Piccadilly.

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