Miguel Bosé, the reborn: "Time passes and the body creaks, but the head becomes more and more consistent"

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Libertarian, monster, fascinating, victim, spoiled, misunderstood, arrogant, pimp, controversial, crazy, arrogant… Miguelito. These adjectives to define bose we do not put them, but they are the cloud of concepts that surround him in the promotional posters of ‘Bose Reborn’a new incursion by the singer son Luis Miguel Dominguín and Lucía Bosé into the field of self-storytelling, this time in the form of a documentary series that premieres today, with a weekly broadcast, through Movistar Plus+.

It does it after posting two books, ‘The son of Captain Thunder’, biographical, and ‘Secret history of my best songs’, about his music, and a fictional series about his life. This introspective and narrative process of telling himself, moreover being a character who tended to be reserved and mysterious in the past, is reporting, in addition to huge economic benefitsa personal satisfaction.

He defines it as therapy, a clean slate as he enters “a stage that is the most lucid, the most mature”, the singer assures in the presentation of the project, “because time passes, the years accumulate but while the body creaks and needs regular reviews, the head becomes more and more consistentIt’s, he says, “like a full hard drive that you have to format. My hard drives were full and you have to empty and create space, put in silence, to create and build to this deconstructed and reborn Bosé“.

He arrives late for the press conference, held at the Palacio de Villa Suso in Vitoria, within the framework of the Basque television FesTVal, excused by his team for a supposed cold that he also alludes to on stage although there is no trace of his symptoms .

It is the reason that they also argue for cancel the interviews you had arranged after the presentation, thus avoiding getting into their classic gardens. There is no trace of denialism or conspiracy theories on this occasion, although the diva and superb Miguel Bosé appears from time to time no matter how hard he tries to maintain the corporate discourse.

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