Miguel Layún includes the position of Héctor Herrera and "Tecatito" Corona


The Monterrey side, Miguel Layún He said he would "hurt a lot" to exclude Héctor Herrera of the Mexican national team "if his motive was to finalize the transfer to Atlético de Madrid" and applauded the position of Carlos Vela compared to the call to wear the Tri shirt.

"I applaud you (Carlos Vela), because for me he is a sensitive person with himself, he says" I have already given what I had to select, I prefer other things in my life ", it is plausible to have the courage to say it without worrying about the repercussions media, "he said.

At the same time, he also said that European clubs put a lot of pressure on players, "because if you come back injured they are the worst hit" and that is why the case of Jesús Corona "hurt" him.

"(Corona) is in a position where he wants to prove and be that player that we all believe he can be and for this he must be at his highest level with the club," he concluded.

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