Mihoub: Hamdan officially signed .. And the player is characterized by skill, strength and speed – Yalla Koura


Alaa Mihoub, a member of the club's technical committee Al Ahli, has confirmed that his club's management has managed to secure the signing of Hamed Hamdan, the Gaza Strip striker.

The player joins the club Al Ahly of the youth club in 2000 to join the red system in preparation for the escalation of the first team on time.

"I appointed Hamed Hamdan with Mahmood al-Salami, the newly-transferred player, Hamdan is a young player born in 2000," said Mihoub.

"Hamdan came to Egypt with Al-Salami and I saw him close on the field: the player is very promising, has skills, strength and speed, as well as his strong physical structure".

"The player has great self-confidence and will not occupy a place on the professional list because the Palestinian player is treated as Al-Masri," said Ahli's technical committee member.

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