"Mikhail Zhvanetsky: To help you or not to interfere?". documentary


There is a very real way of ruining the mood Zhvanetsky – you have to ask him to release an interview. No, he will not refuse. He will agree and will avoid meeting. But for our film the writer made an exception.

The living classic Mikhail Zhvanetsky turns 85! We often quote his jokes, without even thinking about who their author is: "There are no complaints about the buttons", "In the Greek room, in the Greek room! Shame on you! Shame on you!", "Taste is specific", "Put simply, to say the least", "An embarrassing movement – and you are a father" … All these brilliant monologues and humorous miniatures, Mikhail Zhvanetsky's best interpretations are in our author's cinema. Favorite quotes Zhvanetsky remembers our heroes. Ivan Urgant: "Today the raki are small, but they cost three rubles, and yesterday they were big, but five rubles each, but they were yesterday!", Director Vladimir Khotinenko: "The age is a walk!" Klara Novikova: "Women are cute and kind of fools and horrors are fools", Vladimir Vinokur: "I'm only kidding, but there can be children!"

Zhvanetsky himself tells of Zhvanetsky. It is impossible to repeat his unique intonation, so the main course of our film was a narrative in the first person. Everyone knows the image of Zhvanetsky on stage, but very few people imagine how he is in life. Mikhail Zhvanetsky speaks frankly about how the boy Odessa, seated in the port on the embers in the hold, was able to conquer the great stage; to wander in vain, when there was not even a tram in his pocket, and Arkady Raikin commendably praised, but did not pay.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky: "I did not have a tram! I crossed the bridge, a few kilometers away, to find a cheaper dining room of some kind … Raikin did not pay a penny!" I approached Raikin's wife and said: "Ruth Markovna, I'm leaving. I can not take it anymore. I have no money, nothing. Arkady Isaakovich says that he spent all the money from the Ministry of Culture! In short, she spoke to him and I received five hundred rubles. Five hundred! They were huge money. I immediately moved to the Astoria Hotel! "

In our film, Mikhail Zhvanetsky for the first time tells the details of the theft of his new car: "I bought a car! During the trip, two men fell on me in the backseat.This was the first exit. contract, they hit me.They said it was better.They took me to this cottage, I unloaded.we drove somewhere to the forest.I thought: good now everything! In general, they said, go into the forest Well, you go, however, I heard a motor from behind and they drove away.As the car found, but you are in a garage somewhere in the Caucasus, we will not take it from there But then someone came in. a raincoat. "He took off his coat and took out the full cost, then someone else came in. So, somewhere I piled up two cars." (Laughs)

For the first time Zhvanetsky shared unfamiliar stories about passionate love for women, about the birth of children and the encounter with his wife Natalia and, of course, the torment in which the texts are created. The film uses unique family archives.



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