Miko³aj Krawczyk does not pay any child support payments. The prosecutor’s office took its position

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Once Aneta Zając i Miko³aj Krawczyk they were a couple for seven years. They never got married, but had twins. Ten-year-old Robert and Michał, however, cannot count on their father’s support. It turns out that the actor has stopped paying alimony to his sons. The prosecutor’s office referred to the case.

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Mikołaj Krawczyk celebrates his sons’ birthday. He showed their faces

Mikołaj Krawczyk does not pay maintenance and officially does not have a penny. The position was taken by the prosecutor’s office

The official magazine reached by the Pomponik portal shows that Mikołaj Krawczyk is currently in arrears with alimony for almost 140,000 zlotys. Adding interest and the enforcement fee, the total amount of over PLN 170,000 was collected. After the bailiff’s execution, it turned out that the actor officially had no funds to cover the maintenance arrears. Beata Włochy, who represents the case, referred to the case Aneta Zając.

Regardless of the pending bailiff’s execution, aimed at collecting the maintenance debt, proceedings are pending ex officio on the possibility of committing the offense specified in art. 209 § 1 of the Penal Code (so-called non-alimony) to the detriment of minor children of Robert and Michał.

Aneta Zając speaks about alimony. There is a comment from an attorney

Now the decision in this matter has already been made by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw. The spokeswoman Aleksandra Skrzyniarz sent the letter to Pomponik’s editorial office.

I would like to kindly inform you that the proceedings in question were discontinued due to the fact that there were no features of a prohibited act (Article 17 paragraph 1 point 2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure). Due to the complaint, the prosecutor’s office does not provide detailed information about the case.

Earlier, media information about overdue alimony was also confirmed by Aneta Zając.

So far, for 11 years I have not spoken out on this matter for the sake of the children’s welfare. Since it came out, I have to confirm that Pomponik’s media information is true – the actress informed.

Miko³aj Krawczyk he took water in his mouth, so far he had not commented on the spit in public.

Mikołaj Krawczyk, Dariusz KrupaKrupa and Krawczyk did not pay maintenance. There are more such cases in show business

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