Mila Ximénez’s (Save me) appeal for lung cancer patients

The moving words of Ana Obregón dedicated to her son Álex and calling for cancer research has made many who have wanted to join his claim. Especially, Mila Ximenez, immersed in the same process. The collaborator, in addition to joining the unanimous applause for the role of the presenter at the end of the year, wanted to launch an important message for all those who, like her, are now fighting against the disease. “It must be said for all who pass it”she explained excitedly.

‘Save me’: Mila Ximénez breaks into tears over these moving words from Belén Esteban


Make the fight against cancer visible is a necessary task. Both for those who go through the process and to put it on the agenda of the institutions. This is what Ana Obregón did during the bells, asking for research and funding. Mila Ximénez has also wanted to do it, following the words of the presenter. “It is celebrated on the day of breast cancer, cancer of … Lung cancer is very defenestrated,” he said during the last afternoon of ‘Save me’. “It seems that talking about this is like talking about a plague”. The collaborator launched a key message for all who are in her situation.

Mila Ximénez in Sálvame, moved by Ana Obregón’s words


“There are people who say we deserve it”Mila lamented. “There are people who have never smoked and also have lung cancer. The day of lung cancer must be said for all who go through it ”. Carlota Corredera joined Mila’s claim. “Many people are at home and will see Mila here but the procession goes inside. There are many people who will be encouraged to see you ”, he commented to his partner, giving her all the encouragement and affection possible.

All with Ana Obregón

The collaborators of ‘Save me’ were undone in compliments towards Ana Obregón. “She was serene, contained, she did not dramatize … A hug Ana, you were spectacular”, Mila Ximénez assured. Belén Esteban, very excited, sent a hug and a huge kiss to the presenter, wishing she could see her again as she is.

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