Milan, against Empoli also on the market: Maldini and Massara’s 3 watched specials | First page

Milan looks to the next match in the league with Empoli as the great opportunity to redeem the defeat against Napoli and resume the race towards the top of the standings. For Pioli it will also be an opportunity to closely observe and study the many young talents present in the squad of the Azzurri.

Listens “Milan in Empoli, 3 special observers on the marketare Spreaker.

THREE SPECIAL OBSERVATIONS – The next season will be that, in all probability, of theddio di Ballo Toure at Milan. For the role of deputy Theo Hernandez, the Rossoneri club will look for a strong, young and Italian profile. The identikit responds to the name of Parisi Empoli: profile that Massara likes but on which there are several clubs in Europe such as Nice. Particular attention also to the two talents born in 2003 Baldanzi and Fazzininow on a permanent basis with the first team after having done great things with the Primavera Empoli.

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