Milan are already relegated. Ibra-Sanremo: chaos for three training sessions

Seventeen more points. Not two or three, Milan have seventeen points more than last season exactly on the 23rd matchday of the championship. Yet after the derby the impression one gets among the fans is that of a team adrift, as if it were now relegated. What an exaggeration. The moment is objectively complicated due to the two defeats in a row, the five goals conceded and zero scored with Spezia and Inter, but shouting at defeatism seems frankly exaggerated, especially after seven years in which Milan chewed bitter and in February they had 20 points from first in the standings. The disappointment for the derby is burning, but Milan’s real inexplicable match was against Spezia, in a match in which the Rossoneri never shot on goal. It is right for Mr. Pioli to ask himself about a team that has already lost five times (including the Italian Cup) in these first two months of 2021, but it is equally true that the cosmic pessimism of a slice of Milan fans brings nothing but negativity to the ‘environment. It is clear that being in the lead for 21 days leads the fan to “make the mouth” of the championship dream but the goal has always been to get into the top four in the standings.

Another topic that will now be treated more than Covid and the pandemic: Ibrahimovic in Sanremo. As expected, Zlatan will play with both Udinese and Verona, and we had few doubts about this. The media chaos has broken out anyway because it is more news to talk about Ibra than about the Festival itself, but this is part of the character. The program foresees that Ibra will train away from Milanello for only 3 days, and when he is on the Riviera he will still conduct personalized training with an ad hoc personal trainer and in a suitable structure for exercises. The program includes:

Monday 1 – training in Milanello

Tuesday 2 – training on the Riviera with Milan staff

Wednesday 3 – present at Milan-Udinese and will be with the team all day

Thursday 4 – training in Milanello in the morning and in the evening in Sanremo.

Friday 5 and Saturday 6 – Sanremo, training on the Riviera with staff made available by Milan.

Sunday 7 – present at the Verona-Milan match

It goes without saying that it would have been better not to participate in the Festival, this is self-evident. But Ibra will not miss any races, but three training sessions. In the summer, would you have risked not renewing the contract in Ibra or accepting the renewal with the condition of the commitment at the beginning of March of a week? (which are actually three days later) Milan accepted Zlatan’s restrictions in the summer because they wanted his extension at all costs and in order to keep him they said yes. However, the club is calm, aware that Ibrahimovic will do his best on the pitch, as has always happened.

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