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The witness of the Design Week still smokes. The hunger for events has reappeared the table for foreign tourists. Scenes from other times. It’s time to toast: from 2 to 10 October, it’s up to fourth edition of the Wine Week. Which would then be the only event that survived the pandemic, given that the last edition was also saved with four days of waste on the dpcm of the second wave. Federico Gordini, 40 years a day, is the creator, but above all the soul of the next event which must shake up the urban fabric. That in the last ten years a city (differently) to drink has returned.

When did the glass revolution start?
«The spark is Expo 2015, the turning point comes in the years leading up to the event. The star system of chefs did not exist. We were stopped at the “Chef’s test”. We have transformed media dissemination in our own way ».

What did Expo generate?
“It brought entrepreneurs. Milan has become what it is today thanks to those who believed in it. The restaurant scene has turned upside down. In 2013, a club opened every half hour. The spark of the great event, together with the quick redevelopment of entire areas of the city. Milan has become a point of reference at a European level, they came to see the avant-garde of our premises. Meatballs, michetterie, gourmet pizza. Vertical formats ».

So the way of drinking has also changed: once there were only wine bars …
«In recent years, startups that distribute wine have exploded, even Tannico was born in Milan. A cradle for young companies and realities that have ridden this evolution. Because Milan has always been a great place of consumption, but it has never been identified with wine ».

The Milan to drink fed on cocktails …
«A city that had a lot to buy but little in relation to this world. Yet we are one hour from the Langhe, Franciacorta, Oltrepò, Valpolicella. For this reason, with the Wine Week we also begin to organize tours to large territories that often do not have the facilities. So we create an opportunity for the tourists who come here. Travel in the day and go back to sleep in our hotels. Mayor Beppe Sala is enthusiastic about the opportunity. Milan can and must become the European capital of wine tourism. We build a way to communicate for them, using the right languages. The event lasts 9 days, but for the rest of the year we must remain the hub where the companies that make this sector travel are born and grow. Milan is the ideal place to hold events ».

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13 September 2021 | 07:46


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