Milan, in Piazza Duomo for Giorgia Meloni even the disappointed leaguers: “More consistent than Salvini, she is the true leader of the center-right”

“Salvini was my love, but I think I will vote for Meloni”. Fortunately for him, the leader of the League he was out of Milan, because yesterday afternoon the classic Saturday walk in the Duomo would have cost him a lot of trouble. To close the electoral campaign he chose the periphery, Matteo Salvini, the Roman one of Tor Bella Monaca. But to intervene are a few hundred people. And while he struggles to fill the suburbs, the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni he takes a seat in the living room of Milan boasting of the result. “They told me a few years ago that we would fill Piazza Duomo like this, objectively I would have had some difficulty believing it”, he begins from the stage. There is little goal, because we always talk about a few hundred people. Spaced chairs, the usual flags, and yet more than enough for the necessary glance. But this is not the point. Because Giorgia Meloni is not satisfied with the souvenir photo under the Madonnina, and also brings home new voters, those of Salvini. The meeting, it should be remembered, is in favor of the candidate center-right mayor in Milan, Luca Bernardo. Indeed, he is the first to speak, but with poor results and less applause. The administrative offices remain in the background, on the stage the writing says: “Italy of redemption”. The wait is all for her and she is no longer “la Meloni”, but has become “Giorgia”, a goal that for years in the center-right had belonged to Silvio (Berlusconi) and Matteo (Salvini). Times change and so do the voters. Many those present that they say disappointed by Salvini’s League, from the choice of first being in government with the 5-star Movement and then with Draghi. “I don’t give Dragons to Pd and 5 stars”, replies the leader from Tor Bella Monaca, as if his ears were ringing. But in the meantime the cat is not there and in Lombardy those of the Brothers of Italy are dancing. Who also steal votes a Varese where for the first time they are present with their own list. “I’m from Varese, yes, and I was voting for Lega. But now its consistency convinces me more”Explains a lady who nods as she listens to Meloni’s Roman accent. For some it is even the last resort: “Salvini has disappointed me, now he will give the vote to the Brothers of Italy and if they disappoint me too I will no longer vote”, confesses a man who argues good-naturedly with his wife, an iron League. Yet she also likes Giorgia Meloni, and would like her at Palazzo Chigi or even at the Quirinale. Solidarity between women is not a secondary ingredient, the rest is done by the opposition to the government. “Coherence”, they call it, a key word above and below the stage which breaks into the hearts of many leaguers, fed up with waiting for Salvini to get out of a mess “in which he put himself alone”, many explain. And if the governing wing of the League extends Draghi’s life, the party loses pieces that his friend Giorgia is ready to pick up. The Northern League and Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti throws water on the fire, and in the last few hours he has reiterated that the attempt to divide the League will fail. We will see about the separations at home, but there are few doubts about the difficulties in the party. So much so that yesterday in Piazza Duomo even the simple onlookers were convinced that now the leader of the center-right is Giorgia Meloni. For her, just the annoyance of the ‘no Green Pass’ procession, kept away from the police not without some tension and finally made to pass through Piazza Duomo after the meeting is over. “Sold, we are the real bundles”, shouts one of the demonstrators at the address of those holding the flags of the Brothers of Italy. And between a vaffa in the government and one in Draghi, there is also a handful for Meloni.

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