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Russia is supposedly out of world sports for four years. The country is not allowed to host major events, nor will it be hosting as host during these four years, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency will be considered as hosting this period non-compliant classified. Russia as a nation is not allowed to participate in the Tokyo Olympics (2020), Beijing (2022) and maybe Paris (2024), its athletes must compete under neutral flag, and only if they prove their innocence ,

This is the punishment of the World Anti-Doping Agency Wada for the years of Russian doping and the latest brazen data deletions Moscow,

The world sport is tired of the notorious Russian scam. Gedopt is also somewhere else, but in the US or Germany even icons like Lance Armstrong and Jan Ullrich sometimes brought to case. In Russia, the state helps to cover up. In its extent, the system is surpassed in historical comparison at most by the GDR. The Sochi 2014 Winter Games, where doping samples were exchanged at night through a hole in the wall, were Putin's stretched middle finger, so to speak, to the rest of the world.

That's why the Wada has now judged hard, at least on paper. But critics find the verdict too mild, especially at the promulgation in Lausanne some remained unclear. In addition, the measures are under legal reserve, the International Sport Court Cas will deal with it in detail. So the lawyers are still coming and falling over the verdict.

Of course, the Wada sanctions are not an acquittal. The fact that no Russian flag is allowed to blow at Olympic award ceremonies hurts the proud nation. In addition, the number of medal winners from Russia will continue to decline. Already in Rio 2016 and 2018 in Pyeongchang fewer Russians participated. Especially the core discipline athletics was affected. And if it goes to the Wada, Russia would have to accumulate under the neutral flag at the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the qualifications provided.

European Championship 2020 is not affected by the Wada award

But even the European Championship 2020 is not affected by the Wada saying, although it even takes place in part in Russia. Such inconsistencies are also imminent in biathlon. At the skijumpers' world championships Russia has to stay out, but not at World Cup races, which are held much more often. In many other sports the uncertainty is similar.

Many athletes from other nations, not just biathlons, have hoped for more rigor through the Wada, they no longer want to compete with chemically-bred competition. The Representation of Athletes Germany e. V. speaks of “monstrous fraud and cover-ups”. A recent statement states: “Checking whether Russian athletes are allowed to compete under a neutral flag must be as transparent, understandable and rigorous as possible.”

The Norwegian Wada Vice President Linda Helleland also demanded one blanket ban, a blanket exclusion of Russian sports. She is also so relentless because Russia is a repeat offender who even disappointed the many Putin friends in global sport. Russian State Doping Discusses International Olympic Committee (IOC) since five years, It has always turned a blind eye, but Russia just kept going. Mildness does nothing in the Kremlin.

And if only the Cas, who is considered to be IOC-nah and thus indirectly putinnah, deals with the case, it is to be feared that still some gaps will be discovered. Then the already not too strict Wada judgment could be further softened.

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