Milei and Bullrich appear together on television after sealing their alliance: "What a revolution we created!"

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Javier Miley y Patricia Bullrich They closed a dizzying Wednesday in Argentine politics with a television appearance in which they made clear the reasons for their surprising agreement: prevent at all costs that Peronism remains in government for another four years.

“It is the clearest choice in the last 40 years, continue in decline or embrace the ideas of freedom,” said the populist uiltraliberal Milei, who on Sunday came second in the presidential elections with 30% and will contest a second election on November 19. return with the Peronist Sergio Massa, who obtained 36.7%. Bullrich achieved 23.8%.

“The fundamental objective is for there to be a profound change,” said Bullrich in the program ‘A dos vozes’, on the TN news signal.

“That’s why we chose to be with those who were the part of the change that got the most votes,” added the former candidate, who acknowledged that she would have loved to be the one who “led the change.”

“We made the decision to tell no to kirchnerism“, no to what the populist model of Massa, Alberto (Fernández) and Cristina (Kirchner) represents and say yes to the search for change.”

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