Milei dreams of winning in the first round and the tension with the Pope rises several levels

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Convinced that he can become president of Argentina this Sunday, Javier Miley He closed his electoral campaign before 14,000 people on Wednesday night, riding a euphoria that led his mentor to escalate the confrontation with Pope Francis and propose breaking relations with the Vatican.

“Out of consideration for the Catholic religion, out of respect for that religion, I think we should imitate what President (Julio Argentino) Roca did: that is, suspend diplomatic relations with the Vatican while at the head of the Vatican the totalitarian spirit prevails,” said Alberto Benegas Lynch (son), the only one to speak at the event, apart from Milei himself.

The proposal of Benegas Lynch, a liberal veteran whom Milei defines as a “procer”, is in line with the winner disqualifications of the August presidential primaries to the Argentine Pope. “What I am going to say next does not compromise Javier Milei’s position, I fully assume what I am going to say,” clarified Benegas Lynch, 83 years old, doctor in Economics and member of three Argentine National Academies.

In his speech, Milei did not refer to the proposal of Benegas Lynch, second cousin of Ernesto “Ché” Guevara, whose full name was Ernesto Guevara Lynch de la Serna, controversial icon of the Cuban revolution that brought the Castros to power in 1959. .

Milei and Jorge Bergoglio, who until 2013 was the archbishop of Buenos Aires, do not know each other, but the rejection of Pope Francis It is one of the consistent axes in Milei’s rise in politics. Years ago, a libertarian called the Pope “the evil one.” A few weeks ago, during an interview with the ultra-conservative American journalist Tucker Carlson, he harshly attacked Francisco: “The Pope plays politicallyhas strong political interference, has shown great affinity with dictators like Castro and Maduro, is on the side of bloody dictatorships.”

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