Milei half apologizes to the Pope in the presidential debate on Argentine television

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Convinced that he has the presidency within reach, the ultra-liberal populist Javier Milei appealed to one of the golden rules when he is in the final stretch of a campaign: do not make waves, do not scare, do not make mistakes, the important thing is now It’s done. So it was that he appeared in the presidential debate this Sunday with thin-framed glasses and a calm tone that contrasts with the inflamed verb and insults that made him popular among many Argentines.

Milei emerged alive from the almost two hours of debate in Santiago del Estero, the oldest city in Argentina. I live, just like the Peronist Sergio MassaMinister of Economy of inflation out of control, and unlike Patricia Bullrich, the candidate of the social-liberal coalition Together for Change (JxC), who left doubts among her own and others, although this Monday she said she had debated affected by ” a very strong flu.”

In a night of 45 ratings – an enormity – the three main candidates for the presidency were closely scrutinized. That Myriam Bregmancandidate of the left, was the most skillful and incisive in the debate, or that the centrist Juan Schiaretti saying interesting things will not change the fact that in the race to the Casa Rosada there are only three who can cross the finish line first.

Bregman, however, left the phrase of the night by mocking the “lion” image with which the ultraliberal presents himself: “Milei is not a lion, he is a cuddly kitten of economic power.”

Not having lost control or shouting was thus the great fact in Milei’s favor, which gives an idea of ​​the tone of the campaign ahead of the elections on October 22 and the eventual runoff on November 19. This Sunday there will be a second debate.

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