Milei summons a "all good Argentines" while Massa leaves the Ministry of Economy

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The profound political change that Argentina experienced this Sunday had rapid consequences: after the resounding defeat against Javier Milei in the presidential elections, Sergio Massa, current Minister of Economy, He is analyzing leaving the position and the helm of the matter in the hands of his second lines.

Milei, who called on “all good Argentines” to join what he calls the “reconstruction of Argentina,” was clear in his message to the government of Alberto Fernandez: “We want to ask the government to be responsible, to understand that a new Argentina has arrived and to act accordingly. “Let them take charge of their responsibility until the end of the mandate of the 10th of the 12th.”

However, that won’t happen. Massa, who was the one who broke the news to the world of the winner of the elections by congratulating Milei before the results were known, had asked the president-elect and the president-in-office to meet this Monday.

Soundly defeated by 55.7% to 44.3%, Massa asked “to establish liaison and transition mechanisms for democratic replacement tomorrow so that Argentines, in the next 19 days, have no doubts or uncertainty regarding the normal political, social, economic and institutional functioning.”

And he added a direct warning to Milei: “From tomorrow, the responsibility, the task of giving certainties, to transmit guarantees about the political, social and economic functioning of Argentina, is the responsibility of the new president-elect and we hope that he will do so.

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