Milestones of El Juli, that child prodigy who became a teacher paying all the squares in the world

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The Juli has been a unique case in the history of bullfighting due to the precocity with which he climbed to the top as a child, when he drew the attention of the teachers of the School of Bullfighting in Madrid. His teacher, Gregorio Sánchez, said when he directed the classes of that 10-year-old boy: “I have nothing to teach him.”

El Juli’s career has always moved at the top, always in figure, without ever lowering himself from that condition, when he dazzled locals and strangers. The last members of the Bienvenida dynasty, Ángel Luis and Juanitothey followed him through the towns in his stage as a becerrista, before his departure to Mexico.

The figures that mark out his curriculum are scary: he has acted in 1851 bullfights, has dealt with 3895 bulls, cutting 2863 ears97 tails, coming out on the shoulders on 955 occasions and pardoning 31 bulls.

Julián López Escobar was born in Madrid on October 3, 1982.

He is the youngest of three siblings, Manuela and Ignacio. His mother is originally from Villamuelas (Toledo) daughter of modest bullfighting businessmen in the province. His father, with the same name and nickname, was a bullfighter from Cazorla (Jaén) at the end of the 60s and early 70salthough he had to leave the profession due to a mishap that affected his vision in one eye.

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