Miley Cyrus loses luggage and posts photo in remaining underwear


Losing luggage is a burden for many.

Miley Cyrus makes a PR campaign out of it.

The singer and actress loses all her luggage on the way to the UK

and posing unimpressed on a selfie with her remaining underwear.

“If you lose your luggage … and still have the most important things with you.”

In another picture, the 26-year-old takes a lascivious position and writes:

“I've destroyed mobile phones, records and the internet … but that's nothing compared to a broken heart.”

Miley plays on their joint track with British singer Mark Ronson.

In the UK, the US singer will perform at several festival concerts.

That she can not only sing, the “Hannah Montana” star will soon show elsewhere:

From the 5th of June the wife of Liam Hemsworth can be seen in the Netflix series “Black Mirror”.


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