Militants in Northern Ireland withdraw support for peace agreement after Brexit | NOW

Northern Ireland paramilitary organizations are temporarily withdrawing their support for the Good Friday Agreement. That is according to Belfast Telegraph in a letter sent by the umbrella organization LCC (Loyalist Communities Council) to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The pro-British paramilitaries are thus resisting agreements that Prime Minister Johnson has made about Brexit. Northern Ireland has therefore been given a separate status within the United Kingdom.

The LCC emphasizes that opposition to the so-called Northern Ireland protocol must be “peaceful and democratic”.

In the 1998 peace agreement it was agreed that the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland would remain open. The truce ended three decades of violence between the Republicans or Irish nationalists who want to join Ireland and the loyalists who want to have ties with the UK as closely as possible.

The Good Friday Agreement was passed after referendums in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland recognized that Northern Ireland belongs to the UK, until majorities of the Irish and Northern Irish populations determine otherwise. The agreement also established the regional form of government of Northern Ireland.


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