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The new vice president proposed that department no. 621 is withdrawn from the central office, transferring most of its functions and personnel to other departments, following the letter of April 30 to Aksyutin Miller. Before the reform, 196 people worked in this division, a former employee of Gazprom told RBC, and Mikhail Sirotkin, who had worked for Gazprom for almost 20 years, directed it. According to the company's website, Sirotkin is still listed as head of this department and head of the Gazprom Procurement monopoly branch. RBC sources say that it will be transferred to another job in one of the facilities or within Gazprom.

According to the letters of Aksyutin, on which RBC has become familiar, three new departments will employ twice as many employees who worked in the Sirotkin department: more than 400 people, including more than 200, will be transferred from other monopolistic facilities, RBC sources say to Gazprom. But the tasks of the departments will also be expanded: the planning and control of the construction of the capital, as well as the departmental competence of the projects, will be added to the procurement and planning of the investment program. The departments will be led by three Sirotkin deputies.

Gazprom's 2019 investment program is more than 1.3 trillion rubles. The share of group purchases (excluding subsidiaries and affiliates) in 2018 represented over 469 billion rubles, from the report of the Ministry of Finance on the monitoring of law enforcement "On the procurement of goods, works and services by certain types of legal persons ". And its two main subsidiaries, Gazprom Mezhregiongaz and Gazprom Export, have issued orders for another 607.3 billion and 438.7 billion rubles. respectively.

At the beginning of April, it became known that three departments of Gazprom had been taken out of the state: №333 (capital), 336 (design activities) and 338 (capital repairs). Now there is a reorganization there: the employees are redistributed to the existing and newly created departments, two of those responsible say. In total, Gazprom now has 17 departments, followed by data from its website.

Oleg Aksyutin

(Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti)

What will the new departments do?

The largest of the new departments should be №644 (investment planning). He will combine part of the functions of the former capital construction department and the department of business expenses: Aksyutin asked the head of Gazprom to hire 225 people. The new division will supervise the planning and control of the construction of the capital of Gazprom and its subsidiaries, as well as the costs of the design and survey activities. This department will be responsible for the transport infrastructure of the company, from road transport to corporate aviation. According to two employees of the company, at the end of April Miller appointed him head of one of the deputies of Sirotkin for the department n. 621 – Alexander Mazurov.

Another department (No. 646) will be responsible for the strategic management of the Gazprom Group's procurement activities, regulatory and methodological support, support and control. The unit should have 89 employees, followed by Aksyutin's letter addressed to Miller. A top manager asked him to appoint Natalia Chekalina, another vice president of Sirotkina. This appointment also agreed by Miller derives from his visa on the letter. The third new department (No. 647) will be responsible for the departmental competence of the projects and the management of the price parameters of the investment project, 97 people will work there, and another deputy Sirotkina, Nikolai Tkachenko, should also guide him, follows the letter of Aksyutin, on which Miller agrees.

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