Million Day extraction October 10, 2021: the winning numbers

Million Day 10 October 2021: winning combination with the 5 numbers drawn online of the Lottomatica game that is giving away 1 million euros every day

Million Day extraction October 10, 2021. The combination and winning numbers of 10/10/2021, online winnings check, drawings archive.

Appointment again today at 19.00 with the 5 winning numbers of the last Million Day draw on Sunday 10 October 2021, the Lottomatica game that puts € 1 million up for grabs every evening.

The winnings of the latest Lottomatica Million Day draw can be checked at the link:

The extraction archive it is available instead at this link.

MillionDay del 10/10/2021

Winning combination


How to play at Lottomatica Million Day, the draws and prizes

The game is based on the numbers from 1 to 55 and consists of it is compulsory to predict 5 numbers to compare with the 5 drawn numbers. The extraction of the 5 winning numbers takes place every day and is carried out every evening at 19:00. The cost of the game is set at 1 euro.

The amount of each bet is fixed at 1€ and you can choose 5 numbers between 1 and 55 inclusive.

You can compose different types of MillionDAY bets:

  • Played single: requires the compilation of a ticket with 5 numbers, the amount of the bet is fixed at 1 €.
  • Played many things: allows you to insert within the same bet slip the more you play single, each consisting of 5 numbers and at a cost of 1 €. You can compose multiple plays in the following ways:
    • at the ticket office, by filling out the paper ticket up to 5 games in a single ticket or by voice to play up to 10 games in a single receipt
    • with the Lotto App, up to 10 single games via a single digital ticket (you just need to show the QR-Code screen to the receiver and make the payment at the ticket office)
    • online with gaming account, up to 10 games in a single ticket on the sites of the retailers authorized to collect at a distance and on the Lotto App
  • Played systems engineering: allows you to choose from 6 to 9 and select the type of system between Whole wheat e Reduced.
    • The integral system develops all possible single bets (from 6 to 126 combinations) which can be dialed with the selected numbers
    • The Reduced system develops a part of the possible single bets (6 numbers = 2 bets, 7 numbers = 3 bets, 8 numbers = 5 bets, 9 numbers = 10 bets) which can be combined with the selected numbers, therefore lower costs and allows you to make a win of at least € 1,000 by matching 5 numbers (among the 6, 7, 8, 9 selected)
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Every single Million Day draw is visible at each betting shop and the related drawn numbers are shown in the draws newsletter.

The winnings derive from the correspondence of 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers between the predicted numbers and the 5 drawn numbers. The premiums, net of the 8% withholding tax, are as follows.

The prizes of the Lottomatica Million Day, the game that every day at 19:00 is giving away 1 million euros

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