Millionaires fans die in accident against truck

During the morning of Wednesday, hundreds of fans of Millionaires They expressed their condolences messages to the Blue Command bar on Twitter. However, the majority of fans of the Bogota box did not understand why the mourning publications directed at that group.

The Opinion Caribe portal confirmed that in the early hours of the morning there was a strong accident on the road that connects Santa Marta with Bosconia. The barristas from Millonarios, who had traveled to Barranquilla to accompany their team, were involved thereEven if it wasn’t inside the stadium, in the game that the blue team played against Junior. (See also: Video shows moments after the accident in which 3 millionaire barristas died)

The fans, who were mobilizing in a car, collided with a tractor-trailer. Reports made on social networks by some present at the scene of the events detailed that the accident occurred exactly on the section that goes from Caracolisito to Loma del Bálsamo.

The authorities have not yet confirmed how many people died from the crash, nor their identities.

Meanwhile, messages of condolences among Millionaires fans are dismayed by the news on social networks. The Blue Commands bar spoke about it and commented: “They went to Barranquilla to support the team because their hearts beat them, unfortunately the road that we like so much took them away from us.”

Here are some publications that have been made by groups of Millionaires fans:


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