Millions of Android users are victims of cyber attacks on Google Play


MOSCOW, 25 October – RIA News. ESET experts have found a cyber attack in the Google Play Store, which has affected millions of Android users, the antivirus company said.

"We found 42 apps in the Google Play Store relevant to this campaign for the distribution of unwanted adware, half of which were still available at the time of the discovery. The Google security team removed these applications after our notification, but they are still available. in third-party stores, "said Lucas Stefanko, ESET security expert.

The company explained that applications that work as adware hide themselves as simple games, online radio and video download services. In total, these malicious applications have been downloaded eight million times in the last year.

"Applications use various tricks to get on the victims' devices and go unnoticed. <...> If a user tries to figure out which application starts an ad display, the program will impersonate Facebook or Google, "explained ESET.



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