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Most paleontologists believe that this giant predatory bird used its large, sharp beak to kill its prey.—In prehistoric chronicles, there once lived one giant bird frequent predators terrorize and troubling ecosystem on earth. Scientists call these critical times “terror birds.”

Even though it is called a bird, it is actually unable to fly as high as most. The giant flightless bird was 3 meters tall. He is known as predator top of South America who lived between 60 million and 2 million years ago.

The last time, his fossilized skeleton was found in Argentina in 2006. Scientists know that phorusrhacid It can be large, but until now there are no complete enough fossils to know what the largest form was like.

“The giant bird is from the family phorusrhacid,” wrote Debora Mackenzie to New Scientist in the article entitled “Giant ‘terror bird’ was light on its feet” published on October 25, 2006.

During the Miocene and early Pliocene epochs, there was an increase in the size of the phorusracid populations in South America, suggesting that, in that time period, various species thrived as predators in the savanna environment.

The scientists used CT scans to examine the architecture of the skull from the inside out, finding a much more rigid structure than seen in most birds.

The data is used to create a technique-based 3-D computer model, which reveals the stresses created when the digital skull is put through a series of biting, thrashing and shaking motions.

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The results showed that this giant predator had a very strong and rigid ax-like skull. This led scientists to dub their species with the phrase: “Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee.

Terror birds cannot fly, but they can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour on land.

Giant predatory birds known as terror birds, occupy the top of the food chain as well as being a terror to the ecosystem on earth.


Giant predatory birds known as terror birds, occupy the top of the food chain as well as being a terror to the ecosystem on earth.

His movements are agile despite having a large body, making him a monster that often terrorizes many other species on earth. “This bird is really scared by its prey,” added Debora.

Most phorusracids are very fast runners. All members have large sharp beaks, strong necks and sharp claws.

Even though it eats meat, it doesn’t have a strong bite. Scientists estimate that its strong and sharp beak is used as an ax to chop up the flesh of its prey.

They are the highest predators in the food chain in their time. However, when the times Tyranosaurus Rex begins, the terror of this giant bird ends. Scientists claim that they became extinct at the time of their appearance T-Rex.


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