Min Ji-young, battling thyroid cancer, tried to get pregnant… Surgery 10 days later ♥ Husband is also in tears Min Ji-young TV Comprehensive

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Actress Min Ji-young confessed to battling thyroid cancer and revealed that she was about to undergo surgery.

On the 13th, on the YouTube channel ‘Min Ji-Young TV’, “The moment of arming-out that came first to me, who longed for it. A video titled ‘I confess with courage’ was posted.

On this day, Min Ji-young said, “Are you surprised by the title?” and “I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you the good news.” Then, he said, “I’m out (announcing pregnancy) a lot these days, but if I put a dot on it, it’s aming out (announcing cancer),” he said, causing regret. .

Min Ji-young, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer through a health check-up, said, “I thought I was healthier than anyone else and loved myself. He had a thyroid nodule and was being followed, but it grew into cancer after 11 months.

In response, Min Ji-young emphasized, “I hope you all do not miss the health checkup and receive it once a year.” “There is nothing wrong with knowing ahead of time,” he said. Rather than regretting becoming a bigger disease and finding out later and having a hard time fighting the disease, you can check in advance and find another way to cope if the situation is not good. It may be to give Don’t miss out on your health checkup,” he urged.

Then, Min Ji-young said, “To focus on the in vitro procedure, I was going to receive the in vitro procedure immediately after seeing the results of the medical examination. When the checkup came home, I looked at it without thinking and said that a thyroid nodule biopsy was needed. I couldn’t sleep until the test results came out. When I woke up, I continued to search the Internet and search for thyroid surgery and patients,” he recalled.

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Min Ji-young said, “As a result of the test, the left nodule was not cancerous. The right nodule was definitely cancerous, so I became a cancer patient.” He said, “My husband also had a hard time,” he said. “I got into the car after receiving the test results, and suddenly my husband cried. In addition

Regarding the surgery, he said, “I was worried about the scar that could remain on my neck, but I decided to have a neck incision. As an actor, it was not easy to decide which surgery to leave a scar on the neck, but as an actor, I also value my voice, so I wondered if I would be able to continue acting with Min Ji-young if my voice was hurt or changed. This was the biggest fear of the captain,” he explained.

Min Ji-young said, “I’m really fine and I’ll get through it. I’ll tell you why I delayed the surgery for three months in the next video.” Through the comment, “Today, ten days before the surgery. I hope this video can be a positive force to someone, and I am going to ‘arming out’ with a bright image. informed

Min Ji-young, who made her debut as a talent in the 9th SBS recruitment in 2000, made her face known to the public by appearing in KBS2’s ‘Love and War of the Married Couple’. In 2018, she married show host Kim Hyung-gyun.

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