Technology Mind-blowing NASA image shows Jupiter's chaos and wonder

Mind-blowing NASA image shows Jupiter’s chaos and wonder

The Juno space probe’s visible light chamber managed to capture in detail the turbulent clouds and powerful winds that swirl on the gaseous planet.

Billions of kilometers from Earth NASA’s Juno space probe recently made its close flyby number 26 to Jupiter., managing to capture amazing images that show the chaos and wonder of the largest planet in our solar system.

The probe equipped with a powerful camera of visible light managed to take photographs that reveal details of its turbulent clouds and the powerful winds that swirl on the gaseous planet.

From these raw images, the software engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Kevin Gill, and space enthusiast Michael Galanin processed the material to obtain an amazing photograph, according to the Science Alert portal.

The snapshot shows the intense activity in an area called the folded filamentary region, north of the planet.

Several of these chaotic regions had already been studied by Voyager, Cassini and Hubble devices, but the Juno probe has managed to capture the best images to date, allowing them to be studied in greater detail.

NASA’s Juno space mission, which has been in Jupiter since 2016, is scheduled to make its last approach to the planet in the middle of next year, before plunging completely into the clouds of the gas giant, collecting as much data as possible.

(With information from RT in Spanish)



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