Health Mindfulness to promote physical, cognitive and emotional well-being

Mindfulness to promote physical, cognitive and emotional well-being

Within its training plan, the Cognitive Memory Unit will teach two new courses that aim to promote the physical, cognitive and emotional well-being of older people from the practice of Mindfulness.

These courses and workshops, whose pre-registration is already open, and will be taught predictably from April 14 on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 18:30 to 20:00. They have the recommendation of the Spanish Association of Psychogerontology and Geriatricarea and consist of eight training sessions, which will offer tools to improve the quality of life adapted to the needs of each group of people.

Cognitive Memory Unit will teach two new courses focused on Mindfulness practice

On the one hand, Mindfulness-based stimulation sessions for seniors «Learning to train attention and emotional well-being» It will be a practical and experiential workshop of cognitive skills associated with mindfulness and personal well-being, whose objectives are the reduction of stress and anxiety, becoming aware of personal situations, vital sense and emotional state in the present moment.

The Theoretical-practical course in mindfulness and Mindfulness “Learn to train your attention, while feeling well-being” It will be a practical and experiential workshop for personal well-being reduce stress and anxiety, where we can connect with the essence of each person, attending to and giving meaning to thoughts and emotions and being more aware of who we are and how we can be in the life from fullness. It is aimed at the general public and especially at health professionals, occupational therapists, educators, caregivers, etc.

Both formations will be taught in the Cognitive Goya Memory Unit by Mayte Vazquez, health psychologist, expert in care for the elderly, Mindfulness, (MBSR), Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology.

Cognitive Memory Unit in a center neurocognitive rehabilitation aimed at the prevention and treatment of healthy, retired people with memory problems associated with age, mild cognitive impairment and dementias in mild and moderate stages.

For more information and registration:
Cognitive Memory Unit


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