Minecraft Beta adds new powder snow features

Throughout this last generation of consoles, the Minecraft phenomenon has captivated millions of people thanks to its constant and creative updates that have earned millions of good reviews from fans of the game. Minecraft has transcended the barrier of video games and today it is a valid tool even for teaching.

Around these happy holidays it is customary for game companies to add snow implementations, in order to achieve a more Christmassy vibe. That is why Mojang wanted to implement a patch in his work in which powder snow effects are added before launching his new Caves and Cliffs update; which by the way you shouldn’t wait until summer 2021.

Minecraft adds powder snow effects

Thanks to this new update for the version Beta, we can see how the game changes with this new element.

Don’t forget to mention that multiple bugs have also been fixed. The implementations that have been added and the bugs that have been fixed are as follows:

Caves and cliffs update

Powder snow

  • The block of powder snow now emits particles when an entity moves within it or lands on it.
  • A freeze effect is gradually applied to the player and mobs inside the powder snow blocks.
  • The freeze effect is removed from mobs or players that catch fire.
  • Players in survival mode can now turn on / off damage from the freeze effect using the game rule, for example: / gamerule freezedamage false
  • Mobs that have sunk into powder snow can now navigate through it
  • Entities on fire now have their fires put out when stepping on powder snow.
  • Redstone Dust, Torches, and Item Frames can no longer be placed on powder snow.
  • Gravity blocks no longer break when landing on powder snow
  • While inside blocks of powder snow, the third person camera is no longer pushed into the character’s head.
  • Mobs spawned within the Powder Block are no longer at risk of spawning underground.
  • The powder snow block is no longer present in the creative inventory
  • Powdered snow no longer stops projectiles in Bedrock
  • Light mobs can now climb and navigate through blocks of powder snow.
  • Rabbits, silverfish and endermites do not fall through blocks of powder snow
  • It is now possible to specify a list of blocks that an entity should avoid
  • Goats are smart enough to avoid blocks of powder when they roam
  • An entity walking on powder snow will make the correct footstep sound regardless of the block being walked on.
  • Wearing leather boots now allows entities to scale blocks of powder snow
  • Snow powder blocks have unique interaction sounds
  • When the camera is inside a block of powder snow, fog is rendered around it and an overlay texture is rendered.
  • The buckets can be used to collect and place powder snow.
  • The powder snow blocks have a slightly different texture than normal snow blocks
  • Entities can enter blocks of powdery snow, but their movement is slowed while inside.
  • Fall damage is ignored
  • Leather boots make it easy for players to get through powder snow
  • Fixed occlusion for powder snow; adjacent blocks no longer appear transparent when in powder snow

Error correction

Abyssal ambient sounds

  • Mobile players now experience ambient sounds in The Nether
  • Be sure to update the original Minecraft Music Pack via Marketplace to hear these new sounds!

Minecraft is now available for the Xbox One and PC platforms. If you want to know more about this title, you will surely be interested to know that its new downloadable content is now available in Minecraft Dungeons.

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