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From Nariño, during the official delivery of 22.25 kilometers of the Fourth Generation (4G) Rumichaca-Pasto road corridor, President Iván Duque defended this Saturday the fact that his Government has been “in dialogue in the territories with all sectors of the population”.

Without mentioning anyone and in a message that some sectors understood as for the minga, he said that “Nobody has to make an ultimatum to this Government, nobody has to summon this Government because in the constructive dialogue we have shown that we are always thinking about the reality of the citizens ”.

It should be remembered that the minga has insisted on a direct dialogue with the president, something that has not yet happened.

“Nariño has a government here that loves him, that loves the department and we also know the challenges that many communities have,” he added.

In the Rumichaca-Pasto project, which has five functional units, 3.07 billion pesos were invested and it is already 68% executed. In addition, it was reported that the department of Nariño will have investments of 170,000 million pesos in tertiary channels

New airport

President Iván Duque was also at the inauguration of the remodeling works at the Antonio Nariño airport, in Chachagüí.

The president recalled that it is a complex project, which was planned in three phases but was full of delays. “More than 80 billion pesos have been invested by the National Government in this project. We have already concluded Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 that delivers today is a beautiful terminal ”, said Duque.

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“Nariño becomes in 2021 the fourth largest department receiving investment from the National Government. We are talking about a very important figure in terms of investment and that shows our government’s commitment to this region, ”said the president, referring to national investment in that department.

President Duque with the ICT Minister, Karen Abudinem, in Chachagüí

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The President took advantage of his visit to this Nariño population to go to the homes of three beneficiary families of the ‘Connected Homes’ program, promoted by the Ministry of ICTs and which brings the internet to families in strata 1 and 2.



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