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Mini, standard, Pro and Pro Max, this is what the iPhone 12 models will be called according to L0vetodream

Now that we know most of the details about the next iPhone 12 Thanks to all the leaks from Prosser and company, it’s time to start speculate on the name of the new range. We’re going to see four different models for the first time, so Apple’s marketing department must have thought through those names.

According to a recent tweet from the leaker L0vetodream, the names of those four models from smallest to largest screen are going to be ‘iPhone 12 mini’, ‘iPhone 12’, ‘iPhone 12 Pro’ y ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’. The iPhone 12 mini would be that small 5.4-inch model, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro would be 6.1 inches and the iPhone 12 Pro Max would be the large model at 6.7 inches.

The screen and cameras would continue to be the differentiators of each model

Currently the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro They are differentiated by the type of screen (LCD / OLED) and the quality of their cameras. The same is likely to continue with the iPhone 12, especially knowing that there are two models with the same screen size. Perhaps one of them is LCD and another is OLED, or perhaps the differential point is 5G connectivity, which for a while will be scarce.

L0vetodream is one of the most successful filter feeders, above even Mark Gurman according to the ranking by AppleTrack. That does not guarantee that this prediction should be blindly trusted, but it does give it some reliability. These iPhone 12s are expected to be unveiled at an event next month with a likely launch between October and November. depending on the model.


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