Minimum wage for the coming years is released; check the values

O national minimum wage has no real gains since 2019, the president’s first year in office Jair Bolsonaro. Since then, the federal government only readjusts its value based on the INPC (National Consumer Price Index), avoiding losses in the population’s purchasing power.

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The return of rampant inflation in the country has worried many Brazilians, who suffer from rising prices every day. In the midst of this scenario, the Ministry of Economy already has estimates for the value of the national floor for the next three years.

The numbers are provided for in the Budget Guidelines Law Project (PLDO) of 2023, but are not yet official. They represent only a projection, which is based on the INPC estimated. Check the minimum wage expected for 2023, 2024 and 2025:

  • 2023: BRL 1,294 (increase of BRL 82);
  • 2024: BRL 1,337 (increase of BRL 43);
  • 2025: BRL 1,378 (increase of BRL 41).

The calculations consider a 6.7% increase in the 2022 INPC. However, in view of the current scenario of the economy, this percentage should end the year well above the estimated.

According to the citizenship portfolio, each percentage point of the INCP means an impact of R$ 8.8 billion in the Union’s coffers. It is worth noting that the minimum wage not only affects the remuneration of workers, but also that of millions of INSS (National Social Security Institute) insured persons.

ideal minimum wage

According to a survey by Dieese (Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies), the ideal minimum wage to meet all the needs of a Brazilian family would be R$ 6,394 in 2022. The value is equivalent to more than five times the current minimum wage. BRL 1,212.

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