Minions Run Hong Kong 2021.The first mini-corps physical run in Hong Kong will be held in West Kowloon on December 19 • Fitz sports platform

On December 19, Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District will hold “Minions Run Hong Kong 2021”! This is Hong Kong’s first physical run of “Mini Corps”. In addition to the event, there will be banana element game booths and multiple check-in booths. Participants can also get a limited souvenir pack.

Minions Run Hong Kong 2021

Date: December 19, 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: West Kowloon Cultural District
Registration date: September 28, 2021 (Tuesday) 10:30 in the morning
Group: Individual group (4KM, 2KM, 1KM) | Married group (4KM, 2KM) | Family group of 2 people (1KM)

Starting time registery fee
4km Group 1 8:30am*
Group 2 9:30am
Group 3 10:30am
*Competible for awards

Individual group $430 (per person)
Margin Group $880 (2 persons)

2km Group 1 11:30am*
Group 2 12:00nn
Group 3 12:30pm
Group 4 1:00pm
*Competible for awards

Individual group $430 (per person)
Margin Group $880 (2 persons)

1km Group 1 1:30pm
Group 2 2:00pm
Group 3 2:30pm

Individual group $410 (per person)
$800 for a family of 2 persons (2 persons)

*Tickets for the event are limited, while stocks last
**After successful registration, you will get a runner bag of the corresponding group

Registration and details:

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Early bird discount

For the first four days (i.e. from September 28 to October 1, 2021), all those who successfully sign up will get a Minions figurine of Universal Studios 2021:

Individual group-Bob doll
Married Group – Kevin doll
Family group of 2-Stuart doll

Runner bag

The Most Ghost Minions Modeling Award

Let’s turn into cute and ghostly Minions! The event will have the “Most Ghostly Minions Modeling Award” for one class
Participants with outstanding appearance and thoughtful dressing compete. Participants are encouraged to participate in the event with their favorite Minions shape, which shows the interesting characteristics of Minions ghosts. Winners will receive a mysterious gift from Minions.

Minions carnival and check-in spots

This year, Minions’ favorite banana element has been added to the game booth in the venue, combined with interactive games of intelligence, eyesight and physical strength, and multiple check-in slots. Let the adults have fun and take pictures, and join the Minions crazy love of bananas! There will be more opportunities to meet with Kevin, Stuart and Bob and other Minions. Exclusive Minions performances will be prepared for everyone on stage; there will also be the world’s first super debut The gigantic Minions character blowing doll will come to Hong Kong for the first time at the event. This is a “must punch slot” that everyone must not miss!

Epidemic prevention measures and precautions

  1. You need to take your body temperature and fill out a health declaration form when entering the venue. Those who are above 37 degrees must withdraw from the event
  2. You must wear a mask during the time in the venue and pay attention to personal hygiene
  3. More detailed anti-epidemic measures will be announced later, please pay attention to the announcement on the conference page and website
  4. For detailed terms of the event and notes for participants, please pay attention to the announcement on the conference website

Activity Facebook:

Event Instagram: @minionsrunhk2021

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