News Minister Ersoy: Document will be received for the holiday...

Minister Ersoy: Document will be received for the holiday after the holiday

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy exchanged views on the tourism sector with the participation of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO) assembly and committee members.

According to the written statement made by İZTO, in the meeting held with video conferencing method, subjects related to the normalization process in tourism were discussed with the Aegean Tourism Plan.

Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy emphasized the importance of social distance rules and the regulation on restaurants was published today.

Reminding that the circular, which keeps public health at the highest level and respects the hygiene rules, was published on the Ministry’s website today, Ersoy said, “This circular, which was published after very intense work, is exemplary and in scope.”

Ersoy also gave information to the participants about the regulations regarding the employment of foreign workers in tourism.


Pointing out that a special vacation permit will be created for the departures from Istanbul after the Eid al-Fitr, Minister Ersoy said, “Izmir will start receiving 3-4 passengers like 3-4 June with this permit valid as of early June.”

Ersoy emphasized that the opening of air traffic is critical in mobilizing the entire sector and stated that the target is to gradually open the air traffic for international flights as of mid-June.

Minister Ersoy stated that cruise companies continue to negotiate with each other in order to establish a consensus between them when it starts to be launched all over the world, and said that they have heard that the ships will arrive in September.

Minister Ersoy emphasized that not only tourism but all sectors went through a difficult process due to the epidemic, adding that new packages were prepared within the Ministry of Treasury and Finance to support employment.

İZTO President Mahmut Özgener said:

“The process we have experienced has shown us how important and priority investments are made to health as well as freedom of travel, safe and hygienic food, accommodation and tourism. This period sheds light on how we can fight this when a crisis occurs in tourism.

It is important to have a tourism experience in a safe, healthy and hygienic framework by considering the health of the society in the tourism sector that markets dreams to the whole world. “

It was reported that the members of the İZTO Board of Directors and the Assembly Presidency Council and the members of the 41st Tourism, Travel Agencies and Car Rental Group, 42.Restaurant, Cafe and Entertainment Group, 43. Accommodation Group and 44. Passenger Transport Group attended the meeting.



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