News Minister Koca announced the number of recent cases and...

Minister Koca announced the number of recent cases and deaths and warned

Breaking news… Minister Koca said in a statement, “The number of tests yesterday was 5,035. TODAY was 7,286. 1,196 new diagnoses were made. Patients and contact circles were isolated. We lost 16 patients. With these results, our loss of life reached 75 and the number of patients reached 3,629. I persistently invite you to implement the measures, “he said.

When will the outbreak end?

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made important statements after the critical Scientific Committee Meeting. Minister Koca stated that two patients over the age of 60 were recovered and discharged, “I want to inform the information of our two patients, especially in the early period. Our 65-year-old male patient was discharged. The other 60-year-old male patient was discharged. 7 days later he was discharged.” . Koca also made a statement about the medicine brought from China for treatment. “Drug treatment has started for 136 patients in intensive care. We know the dosage is certain. We know that the average 1 box is used for 1 patient. At least 5 days of use. We now have a significant number with the number of patients. We can talk more clearly in the coming week. 3 750 boxes were ordered “.


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” Gaziantep, Erzurum, Konya, Izmir, Izmir, Eskisehir, Edirne, Turkey Sinop … St. milet’ve city to city, house to house … This virus is threatening the world. We have a strong trump against this disease. He’s not getting caught either. We have the will to corona virus. We have the will to go out or not. The success of our struggle depends on individual individuals. The state is the guide imposing sanctions here. No physician can prevent the virus from infecting you. You can prevent this. Any environment where the number of people increases is the environment where the risk increases. Dear youth, you are at risk. Maybe you are not sick but you become a carrier. Do not mediate disease or even greater pain. Those who are older, the virus does not distinguish age. You have to be careful. You should minimize your social life. You can keep your phone chats longer. For our children, we now play games at home, no going out. No one hugs if a guest comes. We show our love and respect from afar.

2 PATIENTS Healed and Discharged

I would like to give the information of our two patients, which are one of our first cases, especially in the early period. A 65-year-old male patient was discharged. Another 60-year-old male patient was discharged. She was discharged 7 days later


I told everyone to practice their own OHAL on their own. Here, we will talk about what we can talk about in the Scientific Committee, especially about how controlled life can be.

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When will the outbreak end?

The more rules and contactlessness we follow, the shorter this process will be. But the longer we follow the rules, the longer it takes.


83 million do not need to be tested. There is no such application in the world. It may be negative when you have the test. He can move more freely and, if positive after 3 days, he can infect those around him. Everyone should see himself as a virus patient and act accordingly. It can be positive after 4 days, which is negative in the test. Because the disease has an incubation period of 4 to 14 days. However, you can take the test if the doctor deems it appropriate. We want to scan them if someone was positive and who contacted them. “



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